As you might have guessed, I’m a social media nerd. And as we social media nerds do, we love to create lists. Lists of things we love and loath for example. And since one of my challenges is to write about Win4Youth, I thought about creating this list – just for you. Brainstorming is more fun if you involve friends and thus I have asked my fellow ambassadors to contribute their ideas to this list. Here it comes:

Things to love

  1. Being an ambassador. Even though is not directly related to biking, I have picked up biking because of being an ambassador. So this is definitely number 1 on the „things to love“ list. Win4Youth is a great opportunity to do something for the greater good (collect kilometers to sponsor youth organizations) and do something good for your own fitness. Bam, two things with one fly-catcher (german catchphrase). Also see point number 2 😀
  2. Driving. My.Bike. Yes, everyone I met who participated in last year’s Win4Youth challenge at Col du Tourmalet warned me: you will get addicted to your racebike. How right they were. Driving at high velocity is incredibly powerful as a drug 😀
  3. Great views, nice to clear your mind! (suggestion from Gijs Jan Kuilman).  Yes, absolutely! I sold my car when moving to Düsseldorf six years ago and since then my radius has been a lot smaller than it used to be. Now I get to see sceneries that are close-by that I haven’t set foot into for years. 
  4. Driving in a group! I can now better understand motorbikers that usually only appear in groups. Driving your bike in a group and trying to go at high speed is even more fun. If you would be driving by yourself, you would for sure slow down when you feel tired. But in a group you can really test how much is still in you. And that feels energizing!
  5. More bags – You did not guess for this one, right? But, as a girl, I love bags. And bike bags. My latest addition has been the Vaude Offroad Bag with 10L capacity. When driving after work, this neatly stores my office clothing plus phone and wallet and has some more space left. One thing left to say: sweet.
  6. Clip-off-shoes. I am not so sure about this point, but it’s definitely on the positives – most of the times (except when I am totally exhausted and clipping out becomes such a challenge and I am afraid of falling – which has not happened yet). They making going faster just a lot easier. Stephanie McDaniel Forrest thinks that managing the clip-off shoes for the first time is just fantastic!
  7. Getting up early to train. No, I am just kidding. I love to snuggle in and snooze the alarm clock just for 5 minutes….5 minutes….5 more minutes… Though Min-Hui Diane Wei thinks this helps establishing good habits. I am not so sure, Diane! 😀
  8. Fat-burning (suggestion from Barry Martin) – he says due to the lower heart rate compared to running you get much easier into the fat-burning zone
  9. Did I mention my bike, oh yeah! 😀

Things to loath

  1. Cleaning the bike, rain and wind! 🚴(suggestion from Gijs Jan Kuilman) Probably rain and wind contribute to cleaning a bike. It has been one of those things I always do tomorrow (=never). Though I have been taught the other weekend how to clean and oil my chain. Small steps, my friends…
  2. Lycra! (says Marc Roberts) though I am not sure what particular element he loathes about lycra.
  3. e-bikes are so mean…I think! Imagine this: it is a beautiful summer day, the sun is shining. There is a light breeze but not a wind pushing you around with your bike. The wind is rather a welcome cooler to the sweat running down your spine. You want to leave the city, down to those long roads which only once in a while end in a T-stop or a crossing. Next to those long country roads you have a narrow bike/pedestrian way. Which is badly paved (see next point) anyways. And along comes granny or grandpa, almost as fast as you do. They drive just in front of you and when you ring your bell, they turn around and turn their bike with them. Making you almost drive into them. But since you know their driving skills and behaviours (a little rusty, a little insecure), you have been slowing down anyways. Grudgingly. Because until just now you have going at a steady pace, enjoying the sun and the small breeze and the shades of these long country roads with the trees on each side. And then you speed up again, until the next elderly E-biker comes along, pedaling at ease showing no signs of sweat…
  4. Death of flies! I am feeling like a car’s windshield after a drive outside. Either they are hit by my huge glasses (oh yes, they are totally social-media-nerdy, my friend, and that’s the way I like them) and make a loud >>boing<< noise before pedalled off in an outgoing angle, either dead or alive if they haven’t smeared my glasses that is. Or, I am smeared with sun protection cream and black dots cover my arms and legs. Sometimes the poor buggers are still moving while being caught by the oil on my skin, which leaves me with a tickling feeling.
  5. Flying protein – my brother told me of his bike tours through the woods. He mentioned he is unaware of how many flying protein bombs aka moskitos in general or flying bugs in specific he has swallowed just by not keeping his mouth closed. Yikes!
  6. Bad pavement and the feeling of sitting on an adventure-world-shaker-thingy. As if flies, elderly people or elderly people on e-bikes haven’t been bad enough, bad pavement will shake every bone in your body and let’s your neck cramp up because you are holding on to your steering handle so tightly. Even better are high bumps in the road or holes which make your bike jump and you holding on even more.
  7. A flat tyre – and I have been lucky, toi toi toi, that I have not experienced a flat tyre so far. But I do not want to call the devil….:D
  8. MAMILs! This one is from Glenda Kirkby:  „In Australia we have a group of people called MAMILs – middle aged men in Lycra who all think they’re doing the Tour d’France.“
  9. Agressive drivers – Barry Martin does not like the selfish ones that believe bikes do not belong on the road. He says Europe is much better with „road-sharing“ than for example Australia. Yes, I know and I have met plenty of honking drivers that will not slow down to pass you safely but only honk. This does not make it safer when sharing the road.


Thanks to my fellow Win4Youth companions and ambassadors for helping me complete this list! If you think I am missing an important point, just leave a comment or send me a tweet and I will amend the list (after appropriate fact checking :D)

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