From April 24 to April 27 more than 80 Win4Youth ambassadors met in Eindhoven, Belgium at EnergyLab to prepare for the triathlon in Palma de Mallorca.

Where to start? First of all, we are representatives from all over the world and we definitely had one thing in common: a passion for what we do, whether it is our work or that we like to do sports (even for a greater good). And that passion carried throughout the 4 days we spent together in Belgium.

What we did? Mostly we had seminars on logistics, food, changing a wheel, regulations, the training plan and mental preparation. It was a lot to take in and I will not summarize all the contents here. If you are keen on something specific, let me know and I’ll share it with you.

We also had tests that we had to complete during the days including a shoe and bike fitting, a body scan (I am definitely not sharing the results 😀 ) and a lactate test on a bike plus a medical exam by a doctor from Energy Lab. I was somewhat proud of the lactate test, showing that all the previous workouts had left a mark and I was already at a fit level.

We also got out of the seminar room for some practical exercises which included a bike session and a trip to the local swimming pool in Eindhoven. The bike session was particular fun for me as we practiced how to ride in a line and change who is riding at the front. We also went through some exercises for the transition zone and applied the regulations there. The trip to the swimmingpool was not that enjoyable for me – I was the slowest swimmer. Hrmpf. Anyways.

My highlight was the trip to Antwerp on Sunday and the participation in the 10 mile run. In my workouts I had done 12K before, but 16K was my first in Antwerp and I managed to complete in just under 2 hours – which is fine for me. One advice – don’t trink toooooo much before you start racing. There might not be a chance to visit a loo any time along the race line.

The weekend went by too fast – it was very energyzing and I am looking forward to meet the team again in Palma – meaner and leaner!

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