In the past days I have met a few colleagues in calls and conferences and one of the usual questions is „How is your training going?“. So, I took a look at my training schedule for you.

You can see in May that I received my training schedule from EnergyLabs. The plan is that within the course of 3 weeks, the duration of training increases, then after those three weeks there is one week for recuperation. Then another three week cycle begins with a higher intensity and higher duration. Then follows one recuperation training week and so on. At the moment I have between 8 and 9 hours of training per week and this will increase until September 6th.

Only after these few weeks I can see changes happening. Especially the Interval training on the bike is kicking in when I go for my Sunday long-distance tours. In flat areas I can keep up with a high intensity, high velocity (27-32 km/h) for 3-4 hours. In March, I would not have believed that if anyone had told me!

Swimming is still a point-point for me as I have not managed the freestyle so far. I had a conversation with Cees-Jan and we decided to focus on the breast-stroke in the training schedule. This is a huge relieve and I hope I will be ready for the triathlon with the training – remaining confident having such a good trainer on my side 😉

Running has been okay. Especially the snail-velocity-training, as I like to call it, helps me go longer distances without having muscle aches. Before I had my training schedule I used to get sore a lot and would not be able to train again for 2 or 3 days. This has completely disappeared and I can really feel that every part of the training is building on previous workouts and increasing my strengths.

On this occasion I have also asked my trainer, Cees-Jan, to reflect on my training progress:

foto paul raats komon

As a coach of Julia I can see what she is doing every day on our Training Peaks platform. Julia is one of those who finished almost all training sessions. She shares all the results and feelings. The more an athlete shares his or her results the better I can coach them. With Julia the focus is on improving her swimming technique together with improving the basic  endurance on the bike and during running. With her training spirit I have no doubts that she will make it in Mallorca on the Olympic distance Triathlon!

Thanks to Cees-Jan for this wonderful motivation!


And I almost forgot to tell you about „reporting“. I use the Endomondo Pro-Version App on my smartphone and a heart-rate monitor wristband from Mio. In Endomondo I record all the sessions. Then on my desktop I go to my Trainingpeaks account and upload the file from the Endomondo training session. This gives Cees-Jan a good overview on when I did the trainings and how my performance goes. Plus I get to see directly how many hours and which distances I had completed in all three disciplines during the week.

So, a few more weeks to go until Mallorca, let’s do this 😉

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