One thing about the triathlon is good preparation and the other part is good equipment. I had said goodbye to my teenage bike three years ago when I bought myself a sturdy city bike for getting around the city and cycling to work every once on a sunny day. It is a nice bike and it is heavy. Speeding beyond 24 km/h for a long time is impossible for me. When I received the notification from the Win4Youth team that I made it into the ambassador team I knew I had to get a proper race bike.

Already when I had sent my application a couple of weeks earlier I put my boyfriend on the task of finding a good bike for me. Technicalities of bikes are gibberish to me. If you tell me that I need these kind of wheels with that kind of brakes and the size needs to be X…I am lost. I have no idea of what is good and bad and how I can get my money’s worth. He was happy to do it, being a complete bike nerd himself (yes, we have a garage only for our bikes and no car).

Love at first sight

The second bike store we went to, I knew I had found the perfect bike. It was a size 53, built for women – and it was blue! If you have ever been bike shopping yourself you might have noticed that bike colours are boring: black and/or white. The first time I drove the blue Cube racing bike around the shop I had this big crazy smile engraved into my face. There was no chance we would be able to negotiate a price for that bike since it was so visible to anyone looking at me – I wanted this bike! Here it is: #itsblue

I  was able to take my new baby home the same evening and we adjusted the clip-on-shoes at the weekend and took #itsblue for a spin the same day. Contrary to any our bike tours before I had switched gears – speeds up to 35 km/h were now easy! The only thing  slowing us down were “normal” bikers, people with dogs and inline skaters. Düsseldorf has only a few nice bike roads and when the sun comes out for the first time a year, they are crowded quite badly. Anyways – I loved cycling and I loved my new bike and the speed and… 😀

Is it already “bring your toy to work day”?

Taking #itsblue for a ride out after work is the perfect way to clear my mind. There is a really good roundtrip starting at the office on one side of the Rhine river up to Krefeld and back to Düsseldorf on the other side of the river. It is 43 Kilometers long and I can now do it under 2 hours. I hope that’s good 😀

When do you go biking? Before or after work?


Let’s go #biking! #afterworkworkout #Win4Youth #Adecco #AdeccoGroup #OneIM

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