Going running, swimming or biking by myself without any music almost feels like torture. I get bored easily and have a hard time finding a good pace. Years ago I tried different approaches: letting itunes calculate the beats per minute for every song in my library and then randomly putting a playlist together (really bad idea since I ended up hating almost all the songs in the playlist and then demotivating me from doing sports), putting a playlist together based on my taste in music (also a bad idea since I did not have a proper taste in music back then) or randomly listening through a given music album (also not a good move since one album can get boring over an hour).

Along came Spotify!
Isn’t technology just a wonderful thing? And the sharing and streaming platforms? I love them all (being a social media manager at heart). When I discovered that you can also download Spotify playlist for any kind of topic, event, workout or mood I was immediately hooked! Why do all the work when someone with a good knowledge in music and a good taste has already done all the work?!

Here are my favourite running Spotify playlists and I am keen on hearing yours (also from different sharing or streaming platforms!):


Music for Running by Topsify

Motivational Songs by Carlos Piles Zaro

Winter Run by Spotify

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