My first official run! My friend Katharina had agreed to run the Brückenlauf with me on April 19th. Both of us had been training for some weeks before and finally we went running together on said date! The Brückenlauf ‘s longest discipline was 10 kilometres and we had signed up for it. The track starts in the Altstadt of Düsseldorf, just next to the river. The track then goes across two bridges and you have to run the track two times to complete the 10 kilometres.

We decided to find a common pace, knowing from training that we had roughly the same speed (gotta love sportsapps for that information!). From the beginning we stayed in the very last section of runners. Very easily we found our pace and did a good job – at least in my opinion, in keeping the 7 minutes per kilometer. In the end we got to overtake a few runners and were still amongst the last ones to complete the 10 kilometres at 1:11 hours.

That was my first official race. I loved the vibe, running among at least a few hundred joggers, people cheering from the streets. Even a drum combo played at one corner! I think I’ll do that again 🙂 And doing it with a really good friend added to the excitement too! Katharina and I decided to sit down and find one or two events that we will join together again!

How about you? Are you participating in any races this year? What is your motivation?


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