All for the kids!

At Adecco we have a CSR programm called Win4Youth. Every year we do sports, collect the kilometers done and at the end of the year Adecco donates to organizations supporting children around the world. To make this even more exciting, every country has one or more Win4Youth ambassadors who is participating in a highlight event during that year. It is a different sport every year, in 2014 it was biking, 2013 running, 2012 triathlon and now in 2015 it is again the triathlon. In the past two years I have been trying to collect kilometers myself through the dedicated website and mobile app. Last year I did not get a very high number, but every time I clocked in my way to work kilometers, I felt proud of doing a good thing.

So I started running in November last year since I felt a need to be more active and to actually get some fresh air (yes, I love sitting in front of my laptop). Plus I travel a bit and running shoes fit very neatly into a suitcase, even hand-luggage. It really motivated me to keep up with it thinking about applying as Win4Youth ambassador in 2015, really hoping it was going to be running. When the announcement came in January that triathlon was going to be the challenge for this year I thought to myself “What the heck, just do it”. And I was really lucky – IM wanted me as one of their ambassadors!

That means, I will participate for Adecco in the Skoda Triathlon in Palma de Mallorca on September 6th. The challenge will be to swim 1,5 kilometers in open water, cycle 40 kilometers on a race bike and run 10 kilometers to the finish line.

So, here I am, a fresh beginner in jogging, being a city-biker and a summer-time swimmer. But I think I will get there eventually J

Adecco has listed all of the organizations we are going to support this year on this website. They also have a fun Facebook page and Twitter channel where all the latest updates from training events can be found.

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